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Securing the Future: Fleksy's Cybersecurity Mission


  • Goal: Revolutionise mobile banking security
  • Challenge: Combatting sophisticated financial fraud
  • Solution: Advanced keystroke tracking and KYC verification system
  • Funds Secured: £199,292 in grant funding.

Introduction to Fleksy

Thingthing Limited, the company behind the Fleksy products, is at the forefront of the cybersecurity sector in the UK. Their mission is to transform mobile banking safety, addressing the growing threat of financial fraud.


The increasing use of mobile banking has led to a rise in sophisticated financial fraud, exposing users to significant risks and challenging existing security measures.


Fleksy identified an innovative solution: a machine learning-powered keystroke tracking and KYC verification system to monitor typing patterns within banking apps (password manager apps, private messaging apps, etc.), providing a new line of defence against fraud.


Combining innovative technology with behavioural analysis, Fleksy's solution offers a dynamic, evolving security layer for mobile banking, adapting to individual user behaviours.


Developing this technology required substantial investment, making securing grant funding a critical step for Fleksy.

Why They Chose GrantUp

Grant Up was chosen for their expertise in securing technology grants and their successful track record in navigating the intricacies of grant applications.


Fleksy's collaboration with GrantUp was a resounding success, securing £199,292 in grant funding. This financial boost enabled Fleksy to forge ahead with the development and implementation of their keystroke tracking system, marking a significant stride in enhancing mobile banking security. Learn more about Fleksy here.

"We’re ecstatic about our successful grant application, facilitated by GrantUp. This £199,292 grant isn’t just funding: it's an endorsement of our innovative approach to combating financial fraud. With these resources, we are now able to advance the development of our keystroke tracking system, a critical tool in the ongoing battle against cyber threats in mobile banking. This is a major milestone in our mission to provide more secure banking experiences for users across the UK."
–Xevi Farrarons, COO & CoFounder, Thingthing Limited


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