About Us

Our team has decades of experience in winning government grant funding. We're passionate about securing grants for technology that makes the world better.

We specialise in software, machine learning, artificial intelligence and many other technologies.

We help you

Build a rocket

We know that creating a new product is a challenge - we have been there before ourselves. We help you scope an application that is suitable for grant funding - and then write an application that answers all the questions in the right way to succeed.

Put fuel in the rocket

We help you secure grant funding with our expert grant writers and our proven approach to creating compelling and fundable applications.

Reach your destination

You can partner with us to make grant funding a continued activity for your business. Many of our clients leverage grant funding to gain a competitive edge and limit the need for dilutive equity funding or loans.


Dr Aaron Mason

Managing Director
Aaron has a track record for winning grant funding and delivering projects, across existing and past businesses as a founder. He’s very passionate about writing high-quality, clear and compelling applications for businesses that want to win funding.
I have started a variety of companies over the last 15 years, all of which benefited from government grant funding to get them going. I have won over twenty grant applications for my own businesses and in 2018 I decided to start helping others achieve grant funding success for their innovations. We have now worked with hundreds of organisations from a wide range of industries to help them in their pursuit of grant funding. I am motivated to help any innovation that has a positive impact on our world to get the funding it needs to make it a reality.

We are a specialised team of grant funding experts that know what it takes to secure grant funding and deliver innovation.

Funding Success

Here is a non-exhaustive list of funding opportunities we have successfully raised funding from before. Please contact us for more information.
  • Innovate UK Smart Grant
  • Innovate UK Design Foundations
  • Innovate UK SBRI
  • Department for Transport
  • Innovate UK Newton Fund
  • Department for International Development
  • BEIS: GovTech Catalyst
  • European Space Agency
  • Innovation Voucher
  • Sustainable Innovation Fund
  • C-Voucher
  • Scottish Enterprise