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Flutterlab secures £50,000 to develop ‘Butterfly’, an innovative air purification technology.


To enable better indoor air quality in hospitals, helping to stop the spread of viruses and improving conditions for patients and hospital workers.


Numerous neurotoxic and carcinogenic pollutants concentrated in hospitals and commercial buildings induce respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, alongside headaches, eye, nose and throat irritation, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Management of indoor air quality is currently a brute force approach, alternating between mechanically ventilating a room to remove CO2 by replacing it with outdoor air or using air purification devices to kill pathogens and Volatile Organic Compounds. 


Flutterlab has developed a unique way of measuring air quality through their patented LaminAIR flow technology, which allows constant measurement of free gas around a room, preventing re-circulated/stagnant air corrupting results which is an industry-wide limitation. Flutterlab are working with Rensair to create a unified operating system which allows optimised responses to achieve hospital-grade ventilation with minimal energy expenditure. The project focuses on validating the optimisation process to demonstrate that the solution can automatically optimise ventilation volumes based on accurate, live IAQ data; minimising ventilation energy consumption and delivering excellent indoor air quality.


The collaboration between Flutterlab and Grant Up proved to be a resounding success, securing the crucial £50,000 grant funding required to advance the project. This financial support has enabled Flutterlab to make significant strides in the development and implementation of their unique air quality monitoring technology, helping to generate significant NHS cost savings and reduce impacts of hospital emissions.


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