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Redefining Sports Engagement: LevelTech's Pioneering Rating System


Transform the sports rating landscape with accurate, data-driven solutions.


Developing a sophisticated rating system for individual and team sports.


Advanced mathematical and behavioural modelling for a dynamic rating system.

Funds Required

Comprehensive financial plan in place, seeking grant funding for project advancement.

Introduction to LevelTech

LevelTech stands as an innovator in the sports technology sector, committed to revolutionising how athletes, clubs, and federations engage with sports through precise rating systems. Their flagship product, SquashLevels, has already set a precedent by becoming the global standard for squash ratings.


The success of SquashLevels has highlighted a significant market demand for sophisticated rating systems across various sports, particularly in rapidly growing sports like padel and tennis. Existing rating systems fall short, lacking the capability to handle the complexity of doubles-based sports and provide the depth of engagement that modern sports enthusiasts demand.


LevelTech has identified the opportunity to expand its technology to cater to these needs, developing proprietary, highly accurate, data-driven rating systems. These systems are tailored to the unique requirements of each sport, enhancing engagement and community building within and across sports disciplines.


LevelTech's solution involves intricate mathematical and behavioural modelling to create a dynamic, accurate rating system. This system is designed to reflect the true skill level of athletes, considering the nuances of different sports formats, including doubles play. The integration of camera/AI technology from Gametraq further enriches the data, offering insights beyond traditional result reporting.


The development of this comprehensive rating system poses significant technical challenges. It requires substantial investment in R&D to refine the behavioural modelling and mathematical algorithms that underpin the dynamic rating system, making securing grant funding a crucial step for LevelTech.

Why They Chose GrantUp

LevelTech chose Grant Up for their proven expertise in securing technology grants and their successful track record in steering through the complexities of grant applications, making them the perfect partner for this ambitious project.


The collaboration between LevelTech, Grant Up, and key industry partners is poised to set a new standard in sports rating systems. The project's success will not only enhance sports engagement and community building but also pave the way for further innovations in the sports technology sector.

"We are immensely proud of our strategic alliance with GrantUp, which has brought us a step closer to revolutionising sports engagement. The support in securing the necessary funding is not just about the resources; it's a testament to our pioneering approach in advancing sports technology. With these funds, we are geared to redefine how athletes and sports communities interact and measure performance, setting a new benchmark in sports rating systems."
– Jethro Binns, Co-CEO, LevelTech.


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