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£183,682 Secured for MediMusic's Pioneering Venture into AI-Enhanced Music Therapy

Introduction to MediMusic

MediMusic, in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University, is making strides in the healthcare industry by spearheading the integration of music therapy and artificial intelligence. Their mission is to revolutionise the field of therapeutic care, focusing on the development of a scalable, AI-driven platform that offers a personalised and culturally sensitive music therapy experience, specifically catering to the needs of minority ethnic populations in residential care settings.


The healthcare sector faces significant challenges in providing non-pharmaceutical, effective treatments for conditions such as clinical pain, anxiety, and dementia. Existing music therapy practices, while beneficial, lack the scalability and cultural inclusivity required to comprehensively address these needs, particularly within diverse care home populations.


MediMusic identified a unique opportunity to bridge this gap by harnessing advanced machine learning technology. Their innovative approach aimed to categorise musical features and redefine audio-fingerprinting for therapeutic delivery of culturally diverse music, thus making personalised music therapy accessible and effective for a wider patient demographic.


MediMusic's solution involved the development of a sophisticated, machine learning-driven platform capable of delivering algorithmically selected music therapy. This platform was designed to consider the unique cultural and therapeutic needs of each individual, ensuring that the benefits of music therapy could be experienced more widely and effectively. Technical challenges such as feature categorisation of different musical genres and the audio-fingerprinting of interactions between musical features and physiological responses were addressed through this innovative approach.


The ambitious nature of this project presented significant challenges, primarily in developing and clinically validating the technology to ensure its effectiveness and unbiased application across diverse patient populations. Additionally, the need to secure substantial investment to support the research, development, and implementation of this cutting-edge technology was a critical hurdle.

Why They Chose Grant Up

Recognising the need for expert guidance in securing the necessary funding, MediMusic partnered with Grant Up, a consultancy known for its expertise in navigating the complexities of technology grant applications and its successful track record in securing financial support for innovative projects.


The collaboration between MediMusic and Grant Up proved to be a resounding success, securing the crucial £183,682 grant funding required to advance the project. This financial support has enabled MediMusic to make significant strides in the development and implementation of their AI-driven music therapy platform, marking a major milestone in enhancing therapeutic care and addressing the unmet needs of diverse patient populations.

"We are immensely grateful for the support and expertise provided by Grant Up, which played a pivotal role in securing the funding necessary to bring our vision to life. This grant is not just a financial aid; it's a validation of our innovative approach to revolutionising music therapy. With this support, we are poised to advance the development of our platform, extending the healing power of music therapy to individuals across the UK and beyond."
– Gary Jones, CEO, MediMusic Ltd


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