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£158,942 secured for Bronze AI’s novel Interactive Machine Learning tool ‘Creator-Assist’


The way people consume music is changing dramatically, with demand for fluid, ever changing music across gaming, Web3 applications and music streaming. Creators and consumers are looking for new animative, interactive, reactive, immersive, contextualised experiences, however existing static audio files are not fit for these purposes. Current setup processes are hugely complex and individualised, with users undertaking several perfunctory processes that are not currently automatable.


Bronze is an animative music format which enables fluid, intelligent music that can respond and change based on external inputs. Building on their existing, sector-leading Digital Audio Workstation - an Interface for AI assisted generative arrangement which enables users to create, arrange and release animative music - the project focuses on augmenting the creator experience within the Digital Audio Workstation using Interactive Machine Learning to accelerate composition setup and preparation, increasing the amount available for creative composition. ‘Creator-Assist’ learns from an individual's creative processes, reactively providing the infrastructure and setup to support new projects. By learning individual specifications and preferences, the complex setup process for next generation music can be massively curtailed, reducing user requirements to go through perfunctory processes.


The collaboration between Bronze AI and Grant Up proved to be a resounding success, securing the crucial £158,942 grant funding required to advance the project. The financial support enabled Bronze AI to collaborate with the University of the Arts London (UAL) creative computing institute to develop the innovative solution, ultimately supporting artists to manage the process of creation, utilising cutting edge interactive machine learning to understand how and where support can be provided, personalising the creator experience and saving significant time on basic processes while facilitating on-going work.


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