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Aurora secures £174,506 to develop a digital platform that brings tailored, modular co-insurance to businesses


To provide faster, personalised, transparent and accurate online insurance packages to SMEs, written in plain English and drawn from the most appropriate and cost-effective covers/insurance.


Around 80% of SMEs are under insured. Traditionally, insurers sell off the shelf package products which are built solely around generalised, or comprehensive cover. This means providing cover which is either unnecessary or incomplete for real-life application. Additionally, policies themselves have evolved incrementally, becoming bloated, hard to read and inconsistent documents with conflicting wording and policy limits. This makes it hard for customers to assess provision and equally difficult for insurers to offer tailored provision.


The project will develop a ground-breaking approach to insurance, delivering a digital platform that brings tailored, modular co-insurance to businesses. Customers can get quotes in real-time from multiple providers, bundled into one price, with full transparency over their cover, allowing for a better understanding of pricing of risk. The platform will also define insurance contracts in a machine readable form, resulting in much greater clarity on the covered events/limits and allowing both customers and claims handlers to understand and interrogate the cover on offer. With robust, personalised insurance in place, businesses can deliver better products and services, increase access to these services and make these services more effective for their customers.

Introduction to Aurora

Aurora is a disrupter within the online insurance space, with a mission to simplify insurance provision through transparent, modular service which is dynamic and intelligible for both providers and clients. This unlocks simpler insurance processes for insurers, and better more appropriate cover for clients.


The collaboration between Aurora and Grant Up proved to be a resounding success, securing the crucial £174,506 grant funding required to advance the project. This financial support has enabled Aurora to make significant strides in the development and implementation of their unique co-insurance platform, empowering SMEs to take risks and grow faster thanks to greater confidence in their insurance cover.


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