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Transform the talent pipeline for the UK's green energy sector


Transform the talent pipeline for the UK's green energy sector.


Addressing the skills gap and workforce needs for the UK's net zero transition.


An AI-driven learning-careers platform to cultivate a skilled, diverse workforce.

Funds Required

Detailed financial plan in place, seeking grant funding for project advancement.

Introduction to Developing Experts

Developing Experts (DE) stands at the forefront of the EdTech sector, with a mission to invigorate the talent pipeline catering to high-growth sectors like energy. Acknowledging the UK's Powering Up Britain strategy, DE is committed to creating 480,000 green, high-skilled jobs by 2030, ensuring the workforce is equipped with the necessary skills, capacity, and motivation.


The pressing challenge lies in developing a future workforce that aligns with the UK’s net zero and environmental objectives. Traditional methods fall short in addressing the evolving, high-growth sectors’ demands, leaving a significant skills gap and workforce challenges unmet.


DE identified a unique opportunity: to revolutionise the approach to talent development with an AI-driven learning-careers platform. This platform is designed to foster excitement in STEM fields, inform career choices strategically, and cultivate a long-term, diverse, and inclusive STEM talent pipeline.


DE's solution is a multifaceted, AI-powered platform offering innovative functionalities. These include AI-enabled career pathways to guide young individuals, predictive analytics for forecasting workforce talent pipelines, an AI lesson content generator for personalised, curriculum-optimised educational content, and comprehensive dashboards for various stakeholders, ensuring an integrated approach to talent development.


Creating this state-of-the-art platform requires substantial investment and a deep understanding of the intersection between education, industry, and governmental needs. Securing grant funding is crucial for DE to realise this ambitious project, demanding a strategic collaboration with Grant Up.

Why They Chose GrantUp

Grant Up was selected for their profound expertise in securing grants for cutting-edge technological and educational projects. Their successful history in navigating the intricacies of grant applications made them the ideal partner for DE’s innovative endeavour.


The partnership between DE and Grant Up has set the stage for a transformative shift in the UK's approach to workforce development for the green energy sector. With the necessary grant funding, DE is ready to advance its AI-driven learning-careers platform, marking a significant stride in addressing the nation's skills gap and contributing to the UK's ambitious net zero targets.

"We are immensely proud of our collaboration with Grant Up, which has brought us closer to realising our vision of a skilled, diverse, and future-ready workforce for the UK's green energy sector. The support and expertise of GrantUp in securing the necessary funding has been invaluable. This project is not just about innovation in education; it's about shaping the future of our nation's industry and environmental sustainability."
–Sarah Mintey, Developing Experts


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