Innovation Support Services

We work with carefully chosen business partners to provide additional support to our clients.

Marketing and Design

Brand Consultancy

Creating a simple, concise and engaging way of describing your business and product and the benefit it provides customers is a real artform.
That’s why we have partnered with a brand consultancy who has worked with the tech SMEs to neatly brand their business. It’s a useful package to include in your application to help you commercialise your product.

Growth Marketing Strategy

We work with a growth marketing strategist who is very experienced in SaaS and technology startups and SMEs. Their services can help to elevate your marketing strategies for the commercialisation of your product that you develop in your project.

Professional Design

You can access our professional design resources, which include design research, user research, user experience design, product design and web design.

Research Services

We conduct user research and market research regularly and our team and network is available to support your needs.

Research and Development


Our team has developed multiple software applications, including web applications, mobile apps and advanced machine learning systems. We can provide expertise for your projects at effective rates, often in combination with our other services.


We have partnered with experienced hardware specialists with extensive knowledge of developing physical prototypes, tooling, and bring them to market efficiently.

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